Monday, November 28, 2011

My Little Sister - Erika Sanjaya

many of you might not know that I have sisters. Yea, I have 2 small sisters, the first one is 15-going-to-16 this upcoming New Year (she was born exactly on the 1st Jan) and the smallest is 9-going-to-10.

So, introducing my smallest sister, Erika Sanjaya:

Erika Sanjaya for Canon. This was taken by my mother's friend for a photo competition held by Canon

 this was me and her, I always tell her: If you want to skate, just skate with your heart, with no force

this is during christmas show few years ago, as she was doing axel jump. she was just 7 years old at that time.

the three of us used to skate together. however, i stopped skating when I have to study overseas few years back then. But, I am still missing how to skate until now, even though i dont wanna continue it anymore. My second sister stopped as well and left with Erika. She has been competing with other skaters worlwide, such as from England, SouthEast Asia countries, and Dubai, during many competitions held both in Indonesia as well as other countries.

After all, I am very proud of her, my lovely sissy! :)

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