Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ladies Night Out ! #Singapore Version

Hellow Bloggers ! greetings from my cozy room. 
I am going to post about how I spent my summer-weekend holidays few months ago in Singapore.
 So, here we are 3 ladies were having a dinner in Kudeta, Marina Bay Singapore. I am the one in black clothes.

 this is my first polaroid 25s. I love the cute design.

 this is the few of the Marina Bay Skywalk. The view is great, especially at the night. you can see the whole singapore down there... take a stray walk after a romantic dinner in Kudeta restaurant

this is me, with my best friend, Kristin Evelyn 'EVIL' Teddy. hahaha. my foood-partner-in-crime. sorry for the blurry result :(

as an university student, i need a break somehow. i wanna have a relaxation moment, when no tasks have been given with packed deadlines...
anyway, having my Product n Brand Test tmrw. wish me luck ;)

I was wearing:

Zara Zipper Skirt in Brown
Batwing shirt from Peapod Shop
Toywatch Watch in Gem Collection
Glittered Owl Necklace from Forever 21
LongChamp Bag, Great Wall of China Limited Edition
Tory Burch Reva Pewter Glitter Flat 


  1. love your necklace and also the your Tory

  2. Where can i get ur watch?
    Your polaroid is cuteee

  3. thanks mindy, they are my faves :)

    you can get the watch on the Toywatch website ;)

  4. that's me vai vai hahaha..saii follow my blog dunk hehe

  5. who are you ? hahahaaha yeah, followed already. folback donk. lols