Monday, November 21, 2011

Random SUNday Post

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning last morning, and I just have no energy to remove the blanket away from me. hahaha. yeah, the weather was really nice but the sun was scorching again in afternoon. 
When will Indonesia have snowy day? that's impossible, oh yes, it is !

I went no where yesterday, just went to church and have late dinner with the fam. sorry no food posts for yesterday's dinner, due to no camera was brought with me :(
so these are the random posts that I took yesterday :)

 My Blue Macbook Case that fits perfectly for my Macbook Pro
i always love any items which are covered in blue 

 this is my Sony Cybershot Camera and my 25s Polaroid
too bad they don't have any of these in blue colors. These 2 are the "must-bring" item when I go out.
sometimes, i seldom to bring my polaroid if I am bringing mini bags or clutches. but the camera, I am going to use to shoot pictures with friends and also the foooooood ...
have been using this camera for few years and I still love it :)

 Tory Burch Continental Zip Wallet in brown and my iPhone 4G.

 My favorite part of my room. This is the half part of my room that only includes my weardrobes, sofa, and my make-up mirror session.
the other half-part is for my bed, television, and bathroom 

 My second macbook pro in purple casing. well, this is actually my sister's macbook, but i sometimes use it because hers is the latest macbook pro with faster processor and due to my laziness to charge my macbook as well

my blackberry (THE_CANNOT_FORGET-TO-BRING_ITEM!) and my new SLR yay~ ! 
my dad bought for me this new NEX-5N by Sony SLR during his business trip to China
thanks daddy, i love you :*
i am going to seldom bring this slr, due to it is big and kinda heavy and i prefer the small one
but this one is definitely a must have item.

I didnt go anywhere last sunday, but i spent the whole saturday with my beloved friends
anyway, i am going to upload food posts later on ;)


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