Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Futuristic Life.

I was thinking what would i become to be in the future? Will I become a good wife, who will cook for my hubby and kiddos? Will I Become a successful woman in the future and lead the business wif my hubby?

How I wish that I could just sit like that without doing anything such as working or studying for the rest of my life, and get every single thing that I've been wishing for ! grrrr. when will that 'holy' day come to my life?

Definitely, we have to strive for the goals that we wanna achieve. You can just slack around and with a snap of your finger, your wishes will come true. Hardwork is needed for every snap that you want. 

but, I am not being hypocrite here, yeahh, I want to be a woman who has the magazines on her hand, her blackberry, iphone, or other future gadgets along with her, and other facilities that I deserve.
in fact, this is a reality, and we have to be realistic here..


  1. hey, that is true. how i wish i could have that kind of life.
    love all the food posts here. :D