Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Playground

Yeay, food-couture is back to new updates. hahaha. this time I am going to review about Playground, a new restaurant in Plaza Indonesia. Loving the concept of this restaurant, dark essence, with dim lights, and you eat at a swing seat or merry-go-round seat.

too bad, i didnt try neither of the seats due to limitations of people in there.

so let's start with the first menu:

 Katsutti - Deep fried Chicken Katsu served with creamy spaghetti underneath

 Bomb Cheese Burger . Love the fries

 The brown thingy on top of the bun is actually COCO CRUNCH. 
don't believe it? 

 Chicken PopCorn :D 

 Chicken Wing 

 Insanity Rice. uhhh. I love this food the best !! fried rice with chicken slice and other commodities combined together. really worth to try !!!!!!

 Egg in the Hole ! the name is so cute. and i love this roasted bread served with half cooked egg and nuggets under it.

Can you guess what is this ???? it is Mille-feuille.
don't be shocked, coze I was stunned when this arrived. it didnt look like normal mille-feuille
however, i always love some creamy sweet rum things for dessert :)

I went there with a bunch of my campus friends. Gonna upload their photos soon ;) AND i really had lotsa fun wif them, chit-chatting for the whole dinner :)

Location: Playground, Plaza Indonesia
Rate: 8/10


  1. OMG it looks so yummi!

  2. yes it is :)
    where do you from btw?