Sunday, August 5, 2012

YOLO, Santouka Ramen.

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE shorten as YOLO, is one of the most common words being used nowadays in any sentence. Well, I don't know who found out this word yet popularize it, but I think that is a cool one. Well, as YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, I realized that I should have fun while I have the time to do it and keep me occupied to enjoy my life :)

Hanging out with friends, is one of my routines in the weekends. Sometimes, I hang out with folks and sisters, but mostly I spend the time with my beloved bffs. As yesterday was a weekend, my friends and I decided to try the ramen restaurant for a change in Plaza Indonesia, Santouka Ramen. This ramen reminds me of IPPUDO that opens its branches in Singapore. let's jump to the picture sections to see the menus ;)

 natto! YIKES... I dont like it, very disappointing! I used to feel curious of how it tastes, and yet a disappointment that I received. I wonder how Sinchan (a cartoon fellow) could endure the smell of natto as it is one of his fav food everytime I read the comic. hahaha.

 Kara rame, hot spicy pork belly ramen, and I love it! I love the noodle texture and the soup. Reminds me of IPPUDO in Singapore. But the food costs me for Rp 73.000 for a small bowl. Very expensive and yet the taste worth the high price!

 Typical entrance for any Japanese Restaurant. haha

Honestly, I only like the ramen, and the rest of the food didn't satisfy me. Well, the price is very expensive and they should have given us better quality of food.

I was wearing:
Cloth inc Waterfall Cardigan
Tory Burch Wedge
Forever 21 flowery dress
Toywatch watch
Chanel classic bag

Location: Santouka Ramen, Plaza Indonesia
Rate: 6.5/10

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