Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sensational Night - OTEL LOBBY

Bloggers are indeed the 'strangest' creatures that have ever been invented. As a food blogger, we have to snap every picture of food that we ordered even though our stomach is grumbling constantly, and somehow fashion bloggers have to endure the peculiar-look from strangers whenever they have (need) to take every single pic of their outfit wherever they are, and those strangers will definitely raise their eyes and giving a 'rooted' smile. haha. well, welcomed to our world, I mean, we as bloggers have really had a tough time. We have to bring (not necessarily, but mostly yes) our camera, whether it is DSLR, SLR, or digi-cam to snap every interesting objects and those are heavy (except digicam).

Recently, I have tried this new restaurant in town, that is called Otel Lobby [reminder: it is OTEL, not HOTEL, some people are mistaken about it]. Located at the heart of J*town street, Epicentrum and I think it is one of the 'funkiest' place I have ever been. I mean, they have their own building, and the lobby itself is interesting with the view of parking lots hahaha. Don't underestimate it, this place is really nice and I love the environment and the condition that makes me feel comfy to have a temporary 'base-camp' for few hours with friends.

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Enough with the introduction, let's jump towards the most 'important' points, which are the pictures of food. yay ~

 Wagyu fried rice - Rp. 85.000,-

 i forgot the name. I love the mashed potato or potato puree. It is damn yummy that I demand for more!

 corn soup. Typical taste like any other's, nothing so special. It comes with this dried italian bread chunks

 BEEF WELLINGTON! i still remember the first time I knew this food is via my God of Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey. He introduced this food to my knowledge and I have been very curious on tasting it. Yet, I am satisfied with these beef wellington on otel lobby's. For this food, the price is around Rp. 145.000,- and yet it really worths the price. You should try it!

 Salmon grilled. I don't really like it, as it is kind of tasteless and yet nothing special. The green and orange puree are unidentified. I think it is a spinach puree for the green and I dont know anything about the orange one. Not really recommended.

 Roasted chicken. hmmm, something unique with this roasted chicken! normally, it is served with mashed potatoes, potato puree, or french fries. But this one is "designed" with fried rice, what a carb huh? haha I couldnt finish this up, and the pineapple thingy on the rice is kind of out of the box. However, this food is kinda edible and surprisingly it is a unique thing
Rp 85.000,-

 Pizza of the day, toppings with chicken. Usual crispy texture with chicken chunks and cheese on top.
Rp 65.000,-(if i am not mistaken of the price)

Toblerone cake ! Yummyyy yummy yummyy. I love the ice cream filling of the puffs. The chocolate shot is also something new to taste. Rp. 35.000,-

Otel lobby is really crowded in the weekends, yet many people are still curious about this new hype place. For those who haven't gone here, u better go faster make reservation for setting a new 'base camp' with your fellows.

Location: Jl H.R Rasuna Said, Epicentrum, Kuningan, Jakarta 
(021- 2994 1324)

Rate: 8/10

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