Monday, August 13, 2012


HOME. Being stuck to a place called Jakarta has been a 'catastrophe' to me. Well, despite all the traffics, flood, warm weather, Jakarta is actually a paradise for a youngster like me! Packed with many hang-out places, cool sophisticated restaurants, I feel like "This is paradise for a foodie like me" hahaha.
as most of us (my friends and I) are tired and bored with those shopping malls, those kind of restaurants definitely fill up our weekend routines.
Speaking of weekends, I just recently went to Singapore for a short weekend getaway to escape from the busy days I have in jakarta few weeks ago. Impulse buying of cheap ticket has become one of our 'hobby' (mostly), to spend our weekend in other places. Being used to live in Singapore when I was in my younger version, it is not hard for me to adapt with that country. My intention of going there this time is of course ... SHOPPING slash EATING. 

for a starter here are some menus that i am going to post. the rest will be uploaded in next blog post

 small bites in every corner of food court! Yummy.

 HongKong fried noodle. Quite nice but many are much better, It is too much cant finish all of them

 What's the point of going to Singapore without a bowl of laksa? I love this coconut milk food and the spice is just in perfect amount :*

 my EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA favorite of late bite snack is this KFC cheesy fries. I could eat it everyday if  I want to T___T. gosh I hope they have this is Jakarta as well.

after all the round trip, I still miss my home in Jakarta, and nothing could ever beat it up! Being at home is one of the most 'luxury' thing that one could have. Nothing beats any comfort, other than your own house, your own room.
Stay tune for another section of food in Singapore ;)

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