Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breakfast Lunch Dinner PX Puri

Breakfast. the most important meal to energize your early activities.
Lunch. a day-light meal to supplement your body after hectic works.
Dinner. an extra treat to your body before going to dreamland.

If those 'bold-ed' words are shortened, it will be pronounced as BLD. 
BLD. one of the new-est place located in PX puri to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The menus are somehow limited, not too many but I guess it is quite surprising and satisfying so that the foodies won't be confused on what menus they should try.
it's been years that I didn't go to Puri Mall or around that area perimeter, and my first intention was to accompany my friends to buy some candles in ACE HARDWARE Puri Mall. Our first destination was actually going to Karawaci, and have some food trip out there. However we ended up going to Puri instead as it is actually nearer to our homie. Once we were done buying the candles, our stomach could no longer the hunger, so we decided to try BLD. Well, we have already here, so why don't we try it, do we?

Before further babbling around on the food I ate few days ago in BLD, there is a special wish for Daniel Mananta who just had his birthday few days ago:

cake by Rati Rati click HERE for my past review :) and this cake is meant to be special order.
met him 2 weeks ago for a church event and both us participated together in that part. nice, manly matured guy, and very friendly :)

Happy Birthday Daniel, hope all your wish come true and have a blissful year. Wishing you have a good and better DAMN! in the future. haha. All the best and God Bless YOU! 
cheers xoxo.

Hereby the food that I have tried in BLD:

 the interior inside. small, homey designs that make you feel comfortable.

 spaghetti aglio olio. hmm kind of tasteless, but after you 'spice' it yourself, by using salt and pepper, it tastes better.

 didn't manage to try the red velvet :(

 my food! caesar salad, yummy. Well, this might be shocking, but this is what I have ordered. Surprisingly, I am starting to like salads more nowadays. This is one of the best salad that I have tried before, definitely will be eating this more often.

 our shared meal. Parma chicken - fried chicken breast steak with fried sweet potatoes and half-cooked egg on top. I love this meal, and also the half-cooked egg, it is so tasty!

I kinda forgot the name, but i think it is the parma pork belly rice. Not a single touch for this one as it is made of pork and fyi i dont like pork. haha. but my friend said it is yummy so I consider it is worth to try on.

BLD has a massive satisfying customer service as the waiters take our order properly and the food is prepared in the blink of an eye. Not a single mistake has been done and they serve the food very fast, especially when we were really hungry at that time, I could consider it was the excellent timing.

Location: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (BLD), PX Puri
Rate: 7/10

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