Monday, August 27, 2012

cake of the month

CREPES. Hey foodies, enjoying your long holidays pretty much? Well, I didn't enjoy my last weekend, I have to stumble upon my bed as I was badly sick. I couldn't spend my day with friends nor enjoying meals. Instead, I visited a doctor for being examined and luckily my doctor said that nothing was wrong, just a harmless virus has entered my immune system.

Hmm, I guess I am now kind of healed up and have the strength to post something, so this it, our cake of the month that usually appears at the end of every month. You can check the labels for any cake of the month later on below for the previous post.

Alright, this month's cake of the month falls to the HummingBird's vanilla crepes. yay ~ This is the first desert/cake/bread you-name-it for the cake of the month that comes from outside jakarta! Hummingbird is located in Bandung and I went there for my weekend getaway like 2 months ago.

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hmm. very generous toppings and fillings. lurveeeeee it <3

Crepes is made up from the composition of flour, milk, and sugar. It sounds simples, yes it is, but when it comes to the practical situation, you really have to concern about small details. You must have a hot round pan before you pour the crepe mix and you shouldn't cook it for too long as it will get burnt quickly. But making crepes are actually easy if you know the steps of doing it the right way. Hence, we have to know the ratio for the flour and milk and sugar, as we do not want to have a broken piece of crepe.

Normally, crepes are filled with ice cream (any flavors) and then sprinkle it with almonds, choco chunks, biscuits, and also chocolate and caramel syrup. You can combine crepes with sausage, meats, or any savory salty food, not only just the sweet fellows.

I love this crepe from Hummingbird as the crepe has the sweet taste but not too dominant as the toppings and fillings are also very tasteful. In the end, I am pretty satisfied because I am also a fan of crepes itself, so ... yeah I guess this is worth to try :)

P.S: the pictures are all taken originally from my camera. if any courtesy of the pictures that I take from different sources, I will state it clearly. so if people who ask whether my pictures are not an original, the answer is 'authenticity of the pictures are guaranteed'. thanks :D

Location: Hummingbird, Bandung
Rate: 8/10


  1. hummingbird is now open in jakarta, i think it's one of the new malls in kuningan/kasablanka area. the food there are affordable right? lots of appetizing cakes there hehe

    1. oh ya? baru denger loh. dimana nya itu? iya affordable trus can be shared juga for the portion.

      By the way I always love reading your food blog. It is really amazing.
      Keep posting new stuffs, couldn't wait for more :)

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  3. hey do u remember me? we used to go to the same school.. hehehe.. the crepes looks tempting and i am currently drooling for it as I haven't eaten anything since this morning.. *sob*

    1. yes we were together in primary school right. haha. i am craving for some crepes too ><