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RAMEN. holaaa, new first post of the month, sorry for the delay of updating new stuff. Wow, the year has almost come to the near end, and I hope that there won't be any DOOM DAY! I don't believe on that such explosive news as I believe in God's words and visions. 

Today's new post will be about ramen. Most of you know what ramen is right, a signature dish from the sakura country, Japan, that is rich in broth soup and the texture of noodle itself is different than the one we have in Indonesia, China, or even Italy's spaghetti. Ramen is really quite having an astonishing popularity here in jakarta as I have like 3 resto that serve ramen in my housing areas. But between those three, I found out that IKKUDO ICHI is really my favorite one. This ramen really reminds me of the one in Singapore, IPPUDO ramen resto, but IKKUDO ICHI's is really rich in taste and seasoning and it really suits my Indonesian's tongue.
However the different between IPPUDO in Singapore with IKKUDO ICHI in Jakarta is that the price. The one in Singapore can cost up to 2 or 3 times of IKKUDO ICHI's and it is not really that worth it for a bowl of ramen.. The average rate of one bowl of ramen in IKKUDO ICHI is around the starting price of Rp 39.000,- and Singapore one is around $15-20 per bowl (Rp 100.000,- to Rp 150.000,- approx).

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 I was in front of IKKUDO ICHI big bowl banner.

 chicken and prawn gyoza, not highly recommended, I dont like it and the taste is kinda weird.

this is the ramen that we are talking about. it is so called the tonkotsu ramen (I think so, I literally forgot it when I write down the name) that contains of 3 sliced pork meat and broth soup, and the best part is the half-boiled egg with the gooey egg yolks inside. yummy....

In IKKUDO ICHI we can literally choose our own 'designed' ramen texture and richness.
They have the choice of:
1. Richness --> is it going to be rich in oil and taste, normal, or low. my suggestion is u should use the normal one because if u choose the high richness, the soup turns out to be very oily, fattening, and will not taste very good.

2. Texture of noodle: do you want it to be al-dente? or well-done cooked or just normal.

3. Types of noodle: curly or normal noodle. I like the curly one indeed even tho they taste the same. haha

After all, I really love IKKUDO ICHI and I will definitely come back here very very OFTEN haha. Well, it is frigging nearby my house and I could just drive there in 5 or 10 mins.
Tips for foodies who want to visit it: it opens daily at 11-2pm and it will open again at 5pm-9pm.

instagram: FOODCOUTURE

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Location: IKKUDO ICHI, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Rate: 8/10

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