Friday, January 27, 2012

WhiteBox Bsitro&Deli

yahooo, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE, for every blogger who celebrates it n_n
here's the time of the new post, which is about WhiteBox.

Yeah from the name, we can conclude that the cafe itself is a square look cafe (like a box) and it is in white color. It is not hard to be found, because the whole concept is in white color ;).
so hereby I present, and specially dedicated this to my friend, as well as the owner, Mr Jetro Effendy :D
* lebay gak jet? hahaha*

 Mr. Jetro Effendy, my old friend, my advisor, my gossip friend, as well as the owner of WhiteBox!
 wall of fame, the celebrities signatures who came to the restaurant
 my full-time best friend, my partner-in-crime, C.K wakakaka. (yongbes pake initial)
 I Love the WhiteBox logo, with a pan :D
 i don't know why I love this ornament! looks like a grocery trolley

 complimentary from Mr.Owner hahaha. He insisted us to try this Mushroom Soup and it's DELICIOUS

 Tuna Chili Spaghetti (Chef's Recommendation). His (jetro) mother owns the recipe
 Sop Buntut. (His mother's recipe)
Baked Macaroni. This is yummy for cheese lover, but highly recommended when you share it with friends cause it turns out to be too creamy if you eat it all
Durian Mousse Cake ! the best dessert ever. As i am a durian lover, this is definitely my fav. i have been craving this cake for so long (He gave me this during the opening of his cafe) and I have kept on wanting this cake ever since then. Definitely a must order cake after your meal.

Me with Jettie :3, the man behind all the white. hahaha

Yesterday, it was my first time that I could see any cafe or restaurant's kitchen. :D and I asked his permission whether I can see it or not. He showed us the kitchen and introduced us to the chef.

The place is good for any youngster and teens to hang out during the weekends ;)
We were in the VIP room yesterday and the three of us really had a very good time. Hang out, chit-chat, and it was like the first time we knew each other

I know this is quite a long post, and I am going to end soon
This is a must try place if you want to eat something fancy and western with affordable price

Location: WhiteBox, Menteng, beside Hotel F1
Rate: 8/10

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