Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hello 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 ! sorry for the lack of posts for the previous week. I've been spending my winter holiday and I have no time to do blogging.
When I reached home, piles of projects have been fussing me around. indeed, i have to catch up the time management to finish them all in two days ! gosh, what a horrible surprise for the new year -_-
well, these are the two photos (which are currently available) to look at. I'm typing this, while trying to open up my eyes due to lack of sleeping ( I only slept for few hours last night )
First photo taken in HongKong airport
Zara cashmere sweater, Zara black scarf, Stradivarius Jeans, Mantaray Winter Boots, Balenciaga City Bag, Balenciaga bracelet.
Hello Seoul, at Incheon Airport :)
Zara blue winter coat, Zara Black scarf, Balenciaga City Bag, Mantaray Winter boots, Stardivarius jeans


  1. go for more food review pleaseee :D m waiting hehe

  2. soon sistaa. i am waiting for your spring collections !!!