Thursday, January 5, 2012

Smokey Ribs

As suggested by Ms. Julian Tanoto that she wants more posts about food, this post is actually dedicated to her. hahaha ;) *waiting for your latest spring collection dear*

These photos were actually taken last year, before Christmas, have been hanging out with my old childhood friends since secondary school, and how i miss every bit of their laughters. Now we have grown up and strive for the best of our future. 
hope u enjoy reading my best time of my life spending with my best friends that I will never ever have anymore

and these are the food that we eat :D
this is the original and famous Ribs (pork) from Smokey ribs and my friends said it tasted DELICIOUS !
(i didnt try it cause i dont like pork)

many people said that Smokey Ribs tastes like the one in Tony Roma's. Well of course, coze if am not mistaken, the chef himself comes from Tony Roma's as he worked there previously
you should try the baked skin potato (on the 1st photo) with some fried beef bacon, and it tastes very very gooooood. too bad it was on small portion :(

geez i guess there are tonnes of carbs contained on those food above.
you should try the green chicken when you come to smokey ribs, i tasted it before and forgot to bring my camera :(

a good place to enjoy dinner without dressing formally. casual outfits such as long sleeves shirt (just like i worn in green) and short pants would look good to have dinner with friends

p.s: best seating arrangements would be taken inside. never ever want to eat outside the resto to avoid any mosquitoes bites :D

Rate: 9/10
Location: Ruko Crown Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk, on the same row with WaterBoom PIK, and before Excelso Cafe 

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