Monday, January 16, 2012

The Canteen (Ratatouille)

As promised before on the previous post, today it was time to reveal the name of the fooooood.
well, first of all, let me explain you about its restaurant first. It's from The Canteen, located in Plaza Indonesia (exactly beside Zenbu). The Canteen serves us with basic western food such as spaghetti and pizza, and I love one menu from The Canteen, it is Ratatouille.

Well, Ratatouille might not sound like a stranger to any of Disney fans, is not it? But, this Ratatouille is different from what the Disney movie cartoon (which has the same name) show.
You will see the difference later :)

 my all time fav! choco molten cake ;)
 nachos. the cheese is fantastique !
 loving the brown thingy on top. if am not mistaken, it is the New York CheeseCake
Ratatouille by The Canteen. Highly Recommended !
[read:  rat-ə-too-ee]
this is the Ratatouille from the Disney Movie. See how different it loooksssss :D

Never tried the real Ratatouille before, but the one served by The Canteen is reallyyyy yummy, and highly recommended. It's a deep fried chicken breast with stuffed veggie and mushroom with mashed potato. the mashed potato is definitely a YES quality.. delicious and the taste really blends in our mouth

The place is very cozy but lack of non-smoking area :(
afterall, it is a nice place that worth to try. the price is not that expensive

P.S: the carbonara spaghetti is also an A-List menu. you should try that ;) not too creamy and perfect for a one person serving.

Location: The Canteen, Plaza Indonesia Extension
Rate: 8.5/10

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