Monday, January 30, 2012

Korea Trip Part 2

Anyong Haseo, here i am back with the second post of my KoreA TRIP! :)
My current condition. still left hanging with two more exams yay !!! and then I am gonna have my holiday with my beloved friends. Can't wait to meet u guys again :*
These photos are all taken in Korea's Everland, somehow like a Disneyland or Universal Studios

Lovely dolls, yet so expensive u_u.
my smallest sister, she was wearing my mother's Christian Dior Sunglasses. Love all her outfits, colorful in winter :3

my first small sister :) the flying pork, that's what I have always called her.
Yipee. that was me ;) having fun in Everland
 mommy daddy, first appearance in my blog, aren't they ?
 sister climbing up a tree.

our dinner ! The famous Chicken Ginseng Soup ;)

I was wearing:
Mango Winter Coats
Zara Scarfs
Levi's Jeans
Mantaray Boots
Balenciaga Bag

btw, goodbye Accounting! See you in the result day on accessbi ;)

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