Monday, February 6, 2012

current interest

Sorry for the lack of updates, especially about food. Been exhausted from my exam weeks =( and at last it is *capital* O-V-E-R
So in this post, I am gonna post my current interest ...
as usual, not only about food, but also fashion and make up

make up is my old buddy. I have started using make up since Grade 10 and that becomes my interest ever since then
photography: either with my polaroid, Blackberry Camera, my digicam, or my D-SLR :)
that was my younger version. Old photography with my grandma, how I miss her very much :(
my nail polish collections from OPI :)

My hobbies are changing from time to time, but I have one hobby that I have been fascinating about, which is writing. Yeah I love to write, anything, from small paragraphs, till blogging (like this)
My passion is about food blogging. that's why FOODCOUTURE is therefore created

So, what are your interests then?

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