Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wee Nan Kee Chicken Rice

Wee Nan Kee Chicken Rice, located in Singapore at Novena ( opposite of Novena Square ) and a perfect place to have a low-cost lunch. Better come earlier (before lunch-time) cause it is very very CROWDED. I went there around 2 pm and we have to wait for like almost 20 mins to get a seat.
The meal is not expensive and I spent less than $10 to fulfill my hunger ;)

So, let's take a look at the pics below

one whole set of 1/2 steamed chicken and 1/2 roasted chicken. DELICIOUS !

Now... Let's take a closer look. The chicken is perfectly steamed and roasted
and i ensure you will NEVER regret !

with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Tom Yaw vegetables. Perfect *winkz* 

What do you think about this then? Are you tempted to try? let me know if you have tried and share the taste with us. *teeeeeheee*

Rate: 8.5/10
Location: Novena, Singapore

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