Sunday, July 24, 2011

Craving for some Cheesy Stuffs ?

KFC Cheesy Fries

all of you have DEFINITELY heard about KFC rite? well, if some of you have ever been to Singapore before or going to Singapore soon, make sure that you will try this Cheese Fries. In my country, Indonesia, I cannot find any of this in any KFC outlets, and as far as I have know, only in KFC Singapore serves this.

Are you tempted to try this guilty-snacks? oh yah, you have to ! It is one of the best best best best Cheese Fries that I have ever ever ever tasted ( oh, sorry for the dramatic-o-cally el commento ).. for only $3.60 you can try this menu ... FYI, I ate this at eleven pm last nite due to not being able to resist. gosh, it is so IRRESISTIBLE ! 

Rate: 9/10

Location: any KFC outlets in SINGAPOREEEE !

anyway, if you want to know more about fashions and lifestyle, what is the latest updates in towns, please make sure that you will visit these fantastic blog of friends of mine =)


  1. ih di indo ga ad KFC cheese fries itu ya? :(

  2. nope.. kalo ad ketemu yg mirip, g kasih tau dhe :D
    ini soooo mouth-watering bangettt !

  3. JADI MW KFC PUNYA KENTANG KAN SEKARANG !!!! makasii vi *terbang ke singapur

  4. asikk ! yuk singapore lg. i ate that fries around 11.30 pm. gila.... saking gk bs resist. hehe