Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indomie Bang Adek

indomie goreng with " sedeng " level of spicy-ness

ha? indomie? what is so special? well, some of you might re-consider of what you have said
yeap, this is just an original indomie, the specialty is its level of spicy-ness .

2 types of indomie bang adek:
- indomie gorengg
- indomie kuah

Indomie goreng is almost everyone's favorite, includes with kroket and fried egg, where as indomie kuah is added with grated cheese and chilis. the level of spicy-ness varies, depends on how strong that person could bare:
- sedeng
- pedes
- pedes mampus
( actually i forgot the levels, but only these that I could re-call)

feel free to try the last level of SPICY-ness and make sure prepare anti-diarrohea pills to recover hahaha

Dresscode: just wear any casual or big size shirt, and do not be formal, sweats will roll over your back and foreheads

Rate: 8.5/10

Belakang Roxy Mas.

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