Thursday, July 21, 2011

about the blogger

hi, this is me Archangela Girlani ELVIRA Sanjaya

hai everyone, I am Elvira a.k.a Vivi. Well, why was it underlined above? Certain people or let's say stranger; tend to only call me Archangela, where in fact, Elvira is my name. But let's call me Vivi, aight?

So, I am new to food blogger, hence, I am not a newbie on personal blogging. Yes! I do have another blog here : and this blog is only about my personal life such as family, friends, and campus life. 

Few facts about ME:
- half-time blogger ; full-time university student
- I don't play twitter (maybe gonna make it one day)
- Yes, facebook!
- Definitely a muncher ;) that's why am creating this food blog.

Ok, that's enough for the intro. So I hope you enjoy reading my food-blogging. Feel free to ask me on the comments box and I will share my culinary experience with you


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