Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the LAME and EVIL !

jokes by Kristin EVIL Teddy and Kathleen the LAME

hey bloggers, here are some random post, which is taken from the screen-shot of my facebook. Short brief about this, I was writing a status for the new updates of my food blog, and my friends were playing a prank on me (evils). Well, they are just joking around, so don't get influenced ok? *teeee...heeee*

anyway, these two awesome friends of mine are just joking around, like we always do, and i am not angry if they did that, just an old-school type of prank. hahahaha. awww, i miss them so badly after all.

keep on checking my blog if you wanna know the cutest or fanciest place to hang out ;)

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