Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tom Yam Coconut

Tom Yum Kelapa 

have you ever heard about " Tom Yum Kelapa " ? you might be wondering, how is it going to be served and stuff, isn't it? well, this unusual tom yum menu, is very rare and hard to find, and i am sure not all of you have ever heard or even tried this before. 

This tom yum is served with the whole surface of coconut, and the water from the coconut was perhaps taken out and the fruit itself is served with tom yum. The taste is quite sensational and tropical, where you can taste both sweet, salty, and also a lil' sour on your tongue.  *fantastico*

however, you can no longer find this tom yum ( at this moment ), as the stall was closed last year =(
maybe you are able to make your own (home-made) and serve this to your family :)
overall, it has a unique taste that you can never imagine 

Rate: 7/10
Location: Pantai Mutiara Food Court (not available anymore)

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