Friday, July 29, 2011


 AWFULLY CHOCOLATE, yeah, that's the name. what is so 'awful' about this choco? nahh... actually, everything is so PERFECTO. Located at ION's Orchard Mall (Singapore), at the basement which is on the same level as the food court, and you can find this fancy chocolatier shop with its white design. AWFULLY CHOCOLATE sells cupcakes (you can see below) and also other types of choco cakes.

The taste of this cake is AWFULLY sweet, and yet so mouth-watering, gosh, I bet you will never be able to resist that !
Overall, for any chocolate-lover, this is must-try desserts to complement your day in Singapore

Bon appetite ;)

the best chocolate cake, even HARVEST can't beat this ;)

Rate: 8/10
Location: ION Orchard Mall, Singapore.


  1. definitely ! you should try next time you drop by in Singapore dear. it is really perfect to seize up your desert time.