Sunday, September 30, 2012

Old-fashioned favorites

Having no intention of going out this Sunday, I ended up to make a weekend post. Recently, I am getting bored of going out to malls and hang out, and intensively, I am kinda busy nowadays with some works and tasks to do. So, I am lacking of my social periods, but I still can chat with friends in school.

This post is actually reminds me of something that I always love to eat in any western/italian restaurants. pasta, pizza, burgers are no exceptions to try out. However, there are some moments when you get sick of eating it, and prefer Chinese more. Dimsum, dumplings, chinese soup are indeed categorized in my top lists. 

So, these pictures actually "present" what menus I order the most frequent and definitely I will less get bored at. hahaha, I still love Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian foods, especially Indonesian food, but there are times that you should have experienced another type of "food-tasting".

As an appetizer, potato wedges are definitely on my top lists. You can share it within 3 to 4 people (note that I could not eat a lot of food at once. hahaha. so this is my portion though, can be divided to many people).
Chicken steak, casual and old-fashioned menu in most western restaurants.

Spaghetti! couldn't resist any of it.
burgers and chips, a must have menu in any American or Western restaurants. Filled with chicken breasts or beef and accompanied by fries on the side.
Apple pie, one of the best phenomenal desserts in the entire world. loving the sweetness, crunchiness, and caramelization of apple that give the joy of whoever eats it.

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