Sunday, October 7, 2012

Potato Head

Frustrated with the lack of internet these few days, I didn't have the usual chance to blog. When I called the customer service, they said that there is a fault connection in hub that caused my internet to jam for few days. Damn, that was pretty harsh, wasn't it.

Hence, now my internet is back and let's have some 'homecoming' hahaha. Today's food-menu is about Potato Head which is in Pacific Place. On that day, a group of friends and I are supposed to have dinner nearby (gonna upload this 'nearby' resto on next posts). However, our tummy couldn't resist the hunger and keep on growling like there is no tomorrow. So, we summon ourself to have a quick stop-by at Potato Head. We only had a light LunNer (lunch and dinner) so there was only 2 plates for the 3 of us

Eat healthy from now on ! Salad is my new fav now, even tho I used to hate it very much. I love the half-boiled egg it is very tempting!!
Btw, love the color of my balenciaga bracelet in here ! very natural looking.
 the carbonara ! yummy. totally love the taste, everything is perfect and the pasta is well-cooked!

It's been a while that I have not tried potato head till recently, but the last order was very satisfying. I was given 2 15% discount voucher from potato head team and i can use it ANYTIME if i want to. Is not that great??????

Location: Potato Head, Pacific Place
Rate: 7/10

INSTAGRAM: foodcouture 

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