Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cake of the month: Marches Bread Pudding

BREAD PUDIDNG. Hai, I am back with my blogging routine and it's almost the end of September, it is time for CAKE OF THE MONTH. I always feel excited every time I have the chance to update about my cake of the month. Sorry for abandoning this blog for quite a while, because I need to adapt with my new schedule and I feel pretty hectic nowadays. *sigh*

Do you still remember when we were young there were more little choices of cakes, breads, or other desserts than today's? Indeed, I feel that there are lot of varieties in sweet pastries that make people are killing their curiousity just to try them. Let's name some, such as red velvet, rainbow cakes, apple pie, and bread puddings. All of them are 'booming' from time to time and becomes everyone's favorite.

My favorite one is bread pudding ( I like other cake as well ) and you can now grab it in most bakery store such as Bread Talk, Bread Life, etc. Recently I have tried to make it on my own because I am craving so much for it and I still have my ingredients to make it. The result is, VOILA, it's delicious, spongy, creamy, and has the right taste of sweetness. My family is craving for more, and I promise to make another one for them around this week :). Trust me, it is easy and not time consuming.

So the last bread pudding that I tried was from Marche's. I always love going to Marche because it provides varieties of food, like the Italian food market, that offers spaghetti, classic pizza, and rostti.
Well, for the desserts of course I chose BREAD PUDDING.

Loving the cinnamon essence and brown sugar sprinkles on top and make this want to have more and more bites everytime I eat this.

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