Monday, September 17, 2012

Fable Lounge and Dining

SOPHISTICATION. I was mesmerized on how fast that Jakarta's culinary business has expanded throughout the year. I could still remember that during my youth time, I would feel very thrilled and excited when my parents brought me to a small chinese restaurant at the side of the road, where the place was really out of elegant and luxurious theme. But I was happy even until now. I love eating street food, like mie tek tek, street snacks, and etc, even though the hygiene should be questioned right here, should not it? Well, I am just a normal girl who loves to eat what I like and I dont mind whether the place is a high-end, or low-budget centric.

Today's post will be dedicated to one of the "youngest" hype place in Jakarta, known as Fable, as it just opened its restaurant not over a year, I guess. Located at the busiest street in Jakarta, Sudirman perimeter, makes this place looks strategic, as its exact location is also full of some restaurants.

For quite a long time, I was kind of curious of this phenomenal restaurant. hearing the comments from my friends who have been there before, some said that the place was sophisticated and very elegant and unique, but the price of the food is not really that "cash-friendly". To kill my curiousity, and ignoring one of my buddies feedback, Bryan Andrean Putra, I summoned to try it myself. hahaha.
So here are some photos taken with my DSLR, and sorry for the bad pics, because my camera setting was not like usual one.

 Ice lychee tea. I have said tons of times that this drink is my fav, but Fable didn't really satisfy me that much :( furthermore, this glass is very expensive, around Rp 45.000 / glass and I couldn't taste any lychee-ness in this drink.
 Friendly staffs were having fun and they welcomed me very much when I reviewed the restaurant.

 elegant place to drink and eat. You ca chit chat with people in this area, and this is a special bar for that occasion.
 The entrance is definitely my favorite spot. Look at how sophisticated it is that I was mesmerized with the lights and the outer design of rock and caves.
 penne carbonara. YUMMY. loving this dish very much. The price is Rp 119.000 per plate and can be said very expensive for a simple dish of pasta. But, luckily the taste is very dominant, and I love the creaminess and al den te pasta. El magnifico.
 Fettucini prawn aglio olio. Not as tasty as the carbonara, it really needs more spice. Rp 119.000 per plate and not worth it. Very disappointing.

 Healthiest meal of the night. Salmon with rocket salad with pan seared baked baby potato. yummy. I love the title, but I dont really like the salmon. The salmon is cooked perfectly but lack of seasoning. it costs us around Rp 139.000 per plate and the portion is so small and yet very high cost.

Pork belly something. By knowing the name, this is the only food that I didnt touch !!! hahahaha naah, for many times I said, I don't like porks! So, try it yourself if you wanna know the taste :P

 Creme brulee. hmm typical creme brulee like I have ever tried before. But lovely glaze on top! perfect caramelization.

Lemon tart with vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis. YUmmmmmmy. I never believe that lemon tart could have been made as delicious as this one. hahaha. I dont really like sour food or cake, but this is an exception. I kinda disappointed with the strawberry coulis. In my perspective point of view, coulis supposed to have the puree like, but this one is pretty much like a strawberry jam. A coulis should feel fresh and the sourness of strawberry should be very dominant. But somehow this is like a jar of strawberry jam and take it as the coulis for the lemon tart. After all, the cake itself is nice, and the sourness did not empower the whole dish.

Sorry for the blurry image. this was me with my Seattle friend, Michelle Febriani.
I was wearing: Tory Burch wedges / YSL Chych Clutch / Clothinc waterfall blazer / ZARA tanktop / Cotton on short jeans.

After I went to Fable, I told Bryan about my experience and when i said i was not satisfied with the restaurant, then he literally gave me that sinister looks! groaar bryan, you are so mean. hahaha but I guess I have to believe him more instead of challenging myself to kill my curiousity. however, i feel satisfied that I have tried Fable and so I know the experience of eating there.

Great place, interior design, waiters and staffs, but Fable should improve the taste of its dish and reduce the price of the food and drinks.

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Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
SCBD Lot. 14, Jakarta

Phone: (021) 515-1501

Rate: 7/10 


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    1. hai :) thank you very much.
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