Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feast to the eye: Canteen, Plaza Indonesia

FEAST TO THE EYE. Before I start this food post, I would like congratulate the new governor, Jokowi and Ahok. We, as the citizens, hope that you could bring a new change and make a huge improvement on our city and abolish the traffics, crimes, as well as the flood-routines. :)

For quite a while, I feel bored with the restaurants in Jakarta. it seems like most of them are likely the same, and what makes them different is that the location and their respective themes. Somehow, they might have cute/unique/extraordinary decorations, but the food is a disappointment. Whereas very least of them that the place itself is not very tempting, but the food is really a feast to the eye.

There is this restaurant that makes me feel a "come-back" despite all the fancy restaurants that i tried before, and ur guess is right, it is Canteen Restaurant. I used to have a routine of eating here, and ate the same menu, however, when I went there few weeks ago, they somehow changed the menu. Well, without looking at the menu, i confidently ordered my fav one here, ratatouille, to the servant. To my astonishment, the waiter said that the food was no longer available *sigh*

Back to business, Canteen is very classic-minimalist (don't really know the exact name haha) and warm and welcoming. It feels like certain restaurants that I used to try when I visited Australia restaurants in my youth time.

 Chicken wings. Not a big fan of chicken wings, but this one is acceptable.

 our appetizers before entree. Calamari rings. Love this one very much.

 pork ribs. this is a must 'eat' meal if you are having a fattening diet. Lots of carbs and fats are absorbed, and my friends said that this one is nice, so i guess it is perfectly marinated. Well, for the many times, I of course didn't eat this one !

 Fried dori fish.

 Spaghetti with tenderloin. I like the execution, the components are smartly placed and I love the beef, it is juicy and well-cooked.
 Baked penne. I love this one !!! a new fav and replacement for my ratatouille T__T

 Apple's pie, it is everyone's favorite with the vanilla ice cream.

peach cheesecake. I dont really like this one, it is sour and not sweet, unlike the original newyork cheesecake. but the tuile is definitely my FAVORITE !!!! gonna try to make it soon :D

Actually, I have ever reviewed about the canteen before, and my favorite ratatouille is out there! yay
I give u the link to my previous post :) --> HERE

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