Tuesday, December 20, 2011


How many of you know these gorgeous luggage tote from CELINE? yeah, theses fabulous items are my most favorite bag of the year !!! love the cute design and the color tone that suits to teenagers as well as adults.
among of many CELINE bags, these are my favorite ones :


When people ask me which CELINE should I choose among these, my answers would therefore always be the same: "I COULDN'T CHOOSE WHICH ONE" yeahhh. i wish i could have all of them.

if i were (using were, because it would be impossible to choose) to pick one, I would choose the fluffy bag with white feather. WHY? it is cute and yet special and unique. and so far, never seen someone using that bag before. I love the orange as well. but it would be hard for me to suit which clothes, and also i have already had an orange bag.
The black bag and the black and white combination would have been my second and third option. the color is natural and yet it can suit to any types of clothes. 
the yellow one is perfect for this upcoming spring and summer, and the last one, the nude, gosh !!! that would the runner up after the fluffy bag..

but the big prob is: I COULDNT CHOOSE ANY OF THESE!

so.. which one is your fav then?

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  1. definitely the fluffy fella ! totally gorge :*