Friday, December 23, 2011

gorgeous Christmas Cake

Recently, I received this Christmas Cake from one of my father's friends. This was nicely wrapped and the design is too cute that I don't feel like cutting it !!
This Christmas Cake was actually a chocolate-mocha roll cake which was covered with some marshmallow-texture white icing, and other Christmas decorations icing on top of it.
how bout the taste? The taste is as good as it looks, yummy-licious !!!
The roll cake is not sweet and i love the icing.

Welcome to the family. Finally, my second wishlist came true. well, the color is not I have been wishing for. but this new baby is surprisingly gorgeous :*
Just bought it this morning and i just couldnt wait to wear it.
I love the color, and it shows the Christmas atmosphere already, with the gold studs ornaments, the bracelet is just as perfect as the blue one (HERE)

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  1. Nice cake and gorgeous bracelet !!! Isn't it the limited holiday edition?