Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Atmosphere

Yihaaa 15 more days to Christmas and I couldnt wait for the-most-beautiful time of the year :)
besides about the presents and food, Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus who has become our Saviour.

so I am gonna post the Christmas atmosphere in my own house which my mum has done a lot of things to our Christmas tree :)

This is our Christmas Tree :) and my mum has put a lot of efforts in decorating it.
thank you mommy :*
This tree is originally quite big, and I love the blue essence on this tree.with blue and white decorations
just couldn't wait for my winter holiday to come :)

Yay ~ One of my wishlist comes true. New Balenciaga Bag in Bleu Atlantique
What an early Christmas prezzie huh?

MilleFeuille... by The Marmalade Pantry (Indonesia), one of my fav dessert all the time.
have yourself a sweet treat during this Christmas and enjoy the sweetest thing that you ever taste

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, with many lights hanging on the Christmas trees and i love all the decorations that are put on them. 
We are heading to the year of 2012 and many things have changed a lot this year
I have new friends, new experiences, new feelings, and many new things that keep on changing :)

Have an early Christmas for all of you 



  1. hello, greetings from USA. i have always followed your blog and love every bits of it. you rock ;)

    btw, what a cool bag you receive for Christmas. I love that blue Balenciaga
    and mileefeuille is the best !

  2. hai, greetings from Indonesia as well. thanks for keeping on following mine :) yeah, it's a bag to die for !

    Merry early Christmas for you and your family in USA.

  3. permisi, ini blog buat makanan atau mamer tas yah? Tasnya bagus kok, cuman inti blog ini itu untuk apa? jadi binggung :s

  4. hmmm, sorry, tp sebelum ny udah saya bilang kan? ini blog untuk food as well as fashion.. jadi menurut saya ini tidak masalah kan ? :)
    btw thank you for reading my blog ya. ini cuma kombinasi antara food and fashion kok.