Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Opera Blanc

As promised before, on the previous post about "GIGANTIC PIZZA", here is another food post about Opera Blanc.
Sorry for the lack of new posts these few days or months I guess, due to the piles of projects going on for   my university life. But the good thing is... Winter holiday is coming soon :) yay ~
I might not be updating my blog for 8 days, from 26th Dec to 2nd Jan, I will be going to Korea
(there will be a special post for this!)

This was taken from my seating-view and I edited the tone color of that evening. I went here with my two best buddies, Kevin and Bryan, my partners-in-crime for FOOD :D
Mostly, I try different types of food with these two people, and sometimes, they give me the recommendations which resto should I try.

GIGANTIC PIZZA ! haha. i forgot the name but if I am not mistaken, this is OPERA BLANC specialty. you can have two toppings on 1 pizza :D
There were 3 of us, 2 boys, and myself a girl, and we could not finish this up.
this is way toooooo MUCH!

this is our bill. Isn't it cute? Bryan, kevin, and I spent 3 hours here for enjoying our early dinner.
It is really nice place where you can have a long chit-chat with your friends.
the place is cozy and comfortable, and suitable for us the teens

Location: Pacific Place
Rate: 8/10

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