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As a food blogger, I have some food that I like or dislike. Every time I visit any specific restaurants, I would prefer to looking at a menu with full details of the food itself, rather than just its name. Why is that so? I admit that I am kinda a picky person in choosing my own food, and I have certain lists that I don't really like or I don't even have the urge to eat it, for example: porks! Yes, people tend to say that pork are tasty, but for me, I just don't like that fattening meat. My religion allows me to eat, but  I just push it away every time my parents, sisters, or friend 'trap' me to eat that. Well, enough for my 'other-side-section' let's jump into some menus that I have tried recently from Negev for the second time
(first time is HERE)

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I dont really like this burger, as I am not a big fan of burger, so I just pass this. haha. but I do LOVE the chips. It's so crispy and reminds me of certain original potato chips. Damn! craving for it.

Spaghetti Tuna. I love the tuna with full of spice and just the right amount of salt :)

The BEST menu of that night. This fettucine carbonara just has the right amount of creamy-ness. In the past, I used to dislike any creamy stuff, such as mayonaise, carbonara, raggout, etc. But this one deserves my four thumbs !!!! Kind of pricy, around 80-90 thousand Rupiah, but really worth the price

My sandwich that I ordered does not really taste good. But I love it's smoked beef, chicken, and fried eggs. For the second time, I LOVE the chiiiiiiipppppppss :9

Molten cake, hmm typical taste like others, but this one is quite nice, especially that little 'shots' of chocolate in the glass, reminds me of the taste of chocolate milk in my childhood era. haha
the texture is moist with dark chocolate filling and the ice cream is a perfect partner.

Forgot this name and the taste, but as far as I remember, it tastes like tangerine.
Mini appetizer, the Indian samosa. This one tastes like the curry puff, that you can find in any hawker in Singapore. As I used to live in Singapore for 3 or 4 years, curry puff has always been my favorite snack after school, as it was sold in the nearby hawker stall besides my school. Being 'adapted' to that kind of taste, I think this samosa could flash me back in when I used to buy the puff with my friends and eat them while waiting for the bus to arrive. This samosa is quite acceptable, but there are tastier samosa in other places :)

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I have always loved Negev as it always serves the best and freshest food, and its service is very satisfying.  Moreover, I will be back here again to eat another plate of fettucine carbonara!!!

I used to review about Negev few months ago, and you can just simply read it HERE :D

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