Sunday, July 22, 2012


HONEYBEE. Breakfast is one of the most important 'elements' in the food-chain and everyone is required to take it before doing any activities. I am an exception! I can't take my breakfast as my stomach couldn't support the food if I eat too early in the morning. Normally, I would just pass it or take it as a brunch (breakfast and lunch). 
As far as you concern, you knew that I went to Singapore to spend my weekends with my 2 fellow bulliers (I always 'consumed' their bullies in S'pore and I'm pretty immune to it already) and as promised, this is the review of the previous sneak peek of Wild Honey.

Wild Honey is located in both Mandarin Gallery and Scotts Road, and the one that I went to is in Scotts Road. Its specialty is in serving breakfasts, but you can try it during lunch or dinner. Despite blabbering with too many words, perhaps these pictures could explain thousand sentences. 

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 my beautiful Chika.

 with my huhu girls ! haha

 Wild Honey interior in Scotts

 my lovely raspberry smoothies! you should try this

 freshen up your day with a bowl of salad will energize your whole activities.

 honestly, I don't really like this choice of mine, way too far of what I have expected. In the menu, If i could recall, it is a sliced chicken breast with something something. I expect that it came out as a roasted chicken or something rather than this. well, this tastes like chicken curry with fruit slices, kinda weird combination, but surprisingly, i love the fruits that is combined with the curry sauce!

 breakfast menu (contains pork). I like its sliced bread and the scrambled egg ;)

Wild Honey specialty of that day, strawberry short cake. Yummy, i love the texture as it is moist and not too sweet as well. I love the strawberry icing that still has the strawberry chunks in it. I think that it contains a little bit of rum, even though just a small amount, but i still can pretty taste it!

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Wild Honey is not just any ordinary breakfast, it serves more than you can imagine. I was tempted to try other desserts, like the cheesecake and chocolate cake, but temptations have never end, so you have to pretty endure your tempts.

Frankly speaking, I don't really like this restaurant as there are many better places like this in Jakarta. When you go to Singapore, the best culinary that you should try is its own local recipes, such as bak kut teh, teh tarik, roti prata, etc. Keeps on updating and reading my blog to know the next food-journey in Singapore. ;)

Rate: 6.5/10
Location: Wild Honey, Scotts Road, Singapore

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