Monday, July 9, 2012


There are times when you feel like escaping to a place, in which you are closest to the sky. Somehow, I feel curious, how high is the sky? how far or wide is it? When you are in high places, and looking at the blue clear sky, it feels like you want to grab it and touch the clouds.
Last week, I went to a new "hit" place, located in the Centre of Jakarta, named SKYE. The place itself is inside the building of Menara BCA, 56th Floor, and can you imagine how high is it?
You canot get any 'higher' than this if you wish to be intoxicated in Jakarta.

Black and white view of Jakarta

This is the price of appetizer and light menu. Kind of out of price, too expensive.

Balenciaga pink clutch 
Skye's pool with its signature symbols.

Skye is actually divided into two sections, the place that I visited is the lounge, in which you can do any walk-in, instead of reserving one month in prior to go there and you can have the total view sitting in the lounge. The second one is the restaurant, that serves main menus and more choices of food. 

Most of the people choose SKYE so that they can see the panoramic view from the 56th floor during the sunset or night views. For the food, I could say that it is quite alright, but very costly. The drinks are expensive well, but I love the blue ones.

After all, this is a great place to hang out and try a new concept of having light snacks before dinner
This place is mostly visited by many socialites, so do make sure that you dress up properly and tendency of informal dress is required

My total look:
Waterfall cardigan - Cloth Inc
White bow tie top - Cloth Inc
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Wedges - Pedro
Watch - ToyWatch


  1. lupa harga dan nama ny masing" =)

  2. nice posting :)
    it looks a bit pricey but worth spending for the view :)

  3. Hi James Hezekiah, yes it is very pricey for appetizers, still have not counted the price of the main course and other meals.

    keeps reading foodcouture. thanks :)