Friday, February 17, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day guys! I am sorry for the lack of posts and greetings. hahahah. Spent my with my friends and had lunch at Pizza Ebira. By the way, how was your, did it turn out great? Well, I received a box of chocolate from a friend of mine for the Valentine's Day and a small red package on my birthday dinner party (gonna review this soon). Hope you enjoy my review my lunch review ;)

 love this chili dog fries, perfect topping with melted cheese. a good appetizer for three to four people

 this is the chocolate that I received, so sorry for the bad quality image :)

 this is the food that i ordered. hmm, baked macaroni cheese with something"
sorry, i have always forgotten the name of the menu. hahaha well, this is nice but too creamy.
 with nita and kevin.
 with heidi and bryan

 uber loveee this oreo cookies n cream pizza !!!! a must try and highly recommended dessertttt !!
the whole gang :D

Overall, the food is quite fascinating, as its specialty is on Pizza :)
the place is quite big and less lightings even though during the day. but it is a good place where you can hang up for quite a long time. the place is very comfy anw. hahaa

This is how I spent my val's day, at least I did not feel lonely at all because my best friends are always be there for me :') Hope you guys have a perfect love day with your partners and full of excitement.
Val's day wish: wish to have a good and perfect boyfriend to have a long-lasting relationship

I am gonna give the hint for the next preview: it is about my birthday dinner ! yay ~
see you soon on my next post :*

Location: PIZZA e BIRRA, (next to FOOD KULTURE) Plaza Indonesia
Rate: 7/10

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