Monday, September 19, 2011

more about Chili's :D

as promised beforeee, I am going to review about Chili's (againnn for the 2nd time). but this time I have more menus that are served by Chili's (because the last time I went there,I was only craving for the burgers -__-).. soo. here it goes....

 Nacho's classic. Chili's original nachos.. damnn yummmmyy.. loving the cheeesy part on top of the nachos.. this is a must-try menu from Chili's :)

 this is the CFCC (I made this shorts by my ownself haha) which stands for country fried chicken crisper. well if you look at the menu, this might be different from the picture given. at first sight, i was not satisfied, due to the false expectation. however, at the first biteeee... it is really damn addictive. you should order this for an appetizer menu to be shared with friends :D

Chicken tuna sandwich. a typical western sandwich with bacon and roasted chicken layered with cheese and some lettuces or tomatoes. it is quite good actually and according to the size, this is really big, and we can share it. 

What i like about Chili's is the design of this so called "fast-food resto" looks like any typical subway restaurant in any movies. the place is very quiet and not so crowded, even tho the food is really fantastic :D.
The price range is quite expensive, but comparing with the prices given, this is really worth it. especially when you share it among with your other friends.
and the best thing being served here is BOTTOMLESS REFILL of any soft drinks (pepsi, coke, sprite) and also Ice Tea and Ice Lemon Tea. :D

this is a recommended place to try and have nice outing with friends and lovers. hahaha.. 

no special dresscode, just dress up casual ;)

Rate: 8.5/10
Location: Chili's, Sarinah, Jakarta Pusat


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  2. i love chilis!