Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yes... I am back now, after a few minutes within the last post. Well, now i am not going to talk about food this time, but about a charity program that was told by my church this morning.
FYI, my church is at Regina Caeli Pantai Indah Kapuk, maybe some of you have known this church, esp the Pluit, MK, PIK residences. :)

To cut the long story short and get into my point, my church showed us a slide show about an activity called " AYO SEKOLAH! AYO KULIAH! " . this program/activity is to let us know that now, there are many poor families, who need lots of helping hands from the people. the children whose parents can't afford to pay for their school fees, will be appreciated for what we have done. also, by doing this, we can help the children to urge their passions more into studies, and by the initiative helps from us, they will feel appreciated that many of us support them towards their educations

so bloggers, who happens to live in Jakarta, especially Indonesia, please help me to support this program to help those children. Let God be with us, shower us with His love and care, and ask Him for protection for the children also, and hopefully, we, as the God's second-hands, our hearts are opened to give this support towards them.

this brochure is kinda blur, sorry for that :(

if you wanna know more about this, you might just visit this website below:

soo.. I beg you guys to support this and help these children for their own future. 
Thank you very much who will be participating here, and I really mean it

May God Bless You all, have a Happy and Blissful Sunday with full of blessings from Father ;)

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