Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moovina Mezzanine

Being on the same group that opens Ocha and Bella, Moovina Mezzanine is pretty popular with its French cuisine and Vietnamese menus, still the menus are different from Ocha & Bella. There is a special concept that can be captured from this restaurant which is it has 2 floors of spaces. Things that make it different from each floor are either of the floors are meant to be bar and snack seat and light meal, while the other one is for the heavy-meals. i forgot which of which is meant to be the light meal section, but you may ask the receptionist about that. 

Moovina was first opened in early October 2012 if i was not mistaken, and many peeps were buzzing around about this new hype place. Being a vivid and curious muncher, i always insist my friends to try the latest place in Jakarta. Gratefully, having a quick getaway on last Saturday, I summoned my friends to try Moovina together as three of us have not been here yet (in spite of all the trends that many have tried this restaurant)

Open kitchen. I always love to look at the chefs preparing for food. Somehow, I look like a fool drooling on every food being plated. HAHAHA

Not being able to comprehend, but I could simply guess it relates to food ?

Lemon tea sorbet Rp 38.000,- I like it as it is not too sweet no too sour and yet it is refreshing. I ordered for a lime one actually, but the waiter ended up hearing for lemon instead of lime.

Just an exhibition but really photogenic. I wish I could snatch it away from ice-plate.

A starter, mushroom soup, typical taste but PRICE-Y ! Rp 55.000,-

Penne Estate Rp 70.000,- The penne is al dente, it means that it is not overcooked and slightly has a good texture when it is bitten. I like the Bolognese sauces really marinates the overall dishes. Definitely I will be coming here again eating this one.

Bread Basket, complimentary from the restaurant. The garlic butter really has the "it" taste when it was applied to the breads.

Trio of mussels Rp 95.000,- These mussels are served in 3 different ways and taste. These remind me of the three musketeers movie who have different personalities within one another. It has the spicy, sour, and wine sauce over in each bucket. I didn't order this one, but I had a try. As I am not a vivid fan of this kind of seafood, I realized that the mussels were not marinated well enough as the sauces were all at the bottom, and the top mussels were not blended in it. My friend said that the mussels were not cleaned enough as she swallowed bits of sands while eating them. 

Beef Prov, Rp 170.000,- According to the taste and size of the meal, I still could not understand what makes it so EXPENSIVE and hence it is just an ordinary beef stew. The meat contains of beef and pork meat with dice of potatoes. Nothing so special and the taste is average, do not really recommend this one. 

Candid shot, taken by my friend. I like the lightning without any needs of editing it.

I was wearing: Forever 21 Green Blazer and Shorts // Zara Black Top // Tory Burch Wedges // Balenciaga City Bag.

When you initiate to visit Moovina, it is better to go during the day time as you can see the window view while eating. however, when it comes to night time, Moovina is transformed into magnificent elegant for having both light and heavy dinner. Despite the high price, the service here is not that bad as the waiters are friendly and have quick response. Besides, if you want to have a relaxing weekend night, you can just sit at the bar section and have a light conversation with your partner and friends.

Location: Moovina Mezzanine, Plaza Indonesia 4th Floor
Phone: +6221 2992 3999
Rate: 7/10

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  1. biasa makan apa bro di Mezzanine Moovina ini? tahu menu "PARMA" ? bagaimana bro rasanya.. hhe..
    saya baru liat gambarnya disini http://goo.gl/kO4kom