Friday, February 15, 2013

Ratatouille French Bistro & Bar

Bonjour, foodies! It's been a while that I have abandoned this little corner of my food blog. First of all, I would like to apologize for the no-post in 2 months period due to my busy schedule (Christmas events and final exams/projects were occupying my time a lot). However, I am currently having my short break and I make a comeback to upload new photos on the blog.

Secondly, HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY to all of you, hope your day was filled with joy and lots of love :* . This post is about my pre-valentine dinner that was celebrated before the actual Valentine's Day. My friends and I went to a French cuisine restaurant, that is called Ratatouille. Well, all of you might remember the Disney movie titled Ratatouille, aren't you? It is about a 'fantasized' mouse which has the ability to cook and have a great taste for food. However, it does not happen in this restaurant (of course!) and the cleanliness should not be doubted.

 Le wall of wine - you may select your own preference wine and shows your vinery skills of choosing the best wine on the wall.

Our Balenciaga bracelets in two different blue colors. 
Lychee tea. The taste is typical and yet refreshing. I love the pink rose as the background it is cute and yet boost up the lovey-dovey mood. Rp 30.000,-

Salades (Salad) - Salade d' Orange Rp 60.000 - Rp 75.000,- I didn't try this salad as it contains smoked salmon that is not yet half-cooked.

A bucket of complimentary bread served with garlic butter.

Soup of the day ! On that day, we were lucky enough to be served this delicious tomato soup (served while hot). The four of us agree that the tomato soup taste like Bolognese sauce with a little creamier texture in it. Rp 45.000,- 

Amuse Bouche (Bar Snack) - for the starter, we ordered these fries fritters that consist of Frites aux Truffes or Truffle French Fries (Rp 45.000,-) and Frites de Patates Deuces or Sweet Potato Fries (Rp 35.000,-) 

Entrees (Starter) - this is literally the main dish that represents the restaurant's name, Ratatouille. The dish consists zucchini, eggplants, bell pepper, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese on top of the thinly sliced vegetables. The taste is quite good as it was my first time trying it and I am pretty satisfied with it. Rp 50.000,- 

 Poulet Roti - it is basically a roasted herb chicken served with the ratatouille. Honestly, I like this dish the most that I have ever tried in the restaurant. I recommend eating the sauce with the truffle fries as it creates new taste sensation and blends well in mouth. Rp 85.000,-

 Tartines or Galettes section - Steak minute Tartine,  a fillet beef steak with caramelized onion and served with homemade mustard. It is actually quite tasty for my personal opinion, however it was too salty when i tried it. I am a type of person who loves salty food however this dish is given too much salt. it would be better if they put less salt on it. When I told the waiter about this 'too salty' issue, he directly told the chef and the chef was kind enough to make me a new one. But I refused because it is still acceptable especially the marinated beef, it was so tender and nicely spiced. Rp 75.000,- 

L' Asie (Asia Cuisine) - Crispy Chicken, crispy fried tender chicken served with rice, bean sprout and traditional chillies. Rp 80.000,- 

with my lovely friends, the single ladies and gentlemen *winks*

Ratatouille French Bistro & Bar is a homely dining experience when you enter the restaurant you will feel like you are in traditional Parisian bar and accompanied with French songs. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and starts its operational hour at 8 am daily. The ambience that you feel gives more sophisticated feeling and you will feel amazed with the surrounding areas. I am pretty satisfied with its service and the dish, and feel comfortable for many hours hanging out in there.

Location: Ratatouille Bistro & Bar, The H-Tower GF and Mezzanine, Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said, Kav 20 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Contact number (booking reservation): +6221 529-00351 / (click the link for direct website)

Rate: 7/10 

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