Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainy Sunday with Haagen Dazs Banana crepes

I have been receiving feedbacks recently that I have 'abandoned' my blog for quite a while. I am sorry for all the postponed posts, but I will make sure that I start my blogging again pretty soon!

So, to enhance the credibility of my posts, I give you some special dessert menu during your rainy day. It is already in the middle of May, and the weather is supposed to be scorching hot with shiny blue sky.
However, rain has been pouring down these few days and make us lazy to do any our routine activities.  
To enjoy this lovely weather, I will give you a 'cold' menu to complement your lazy Sunday evening.

Haagen Dasz Ice Cream has been my favorite tea-time snack for over the decades. In its outlet, we can have a dine in here and it offers not only the ice cream, but also fondues, crepes, and waffles. I have been a vivid fan of crepes that is topped with haagen-dasz ice cream and yet I can never get bored of it. Yummy ;) 
This crepe consists of two scoops of ice creams (any of your choices) and I chose my favorite ones here, which are the vanilla and cookies&cream. Complemented with sliced bananas and almond flakes as the sprinkles and finalized with caramel sauce on top. A perfect dessert for two and best served when the outside weather is chilling to give a cool sensation. The price is quite expensive for a plate of crepes (around Rp. 65.000,- ++) however it is really worth it.

Oppsie, sorry for the narcissistic picture of me, let's have a perfect picture day ! Happy Sunday all ... 

Luciole Bistro, Central Park, Jakarta

The bistro for all individual taste, where appetite and fun are melting together simultaneously.

Luciole Bistro. Another new concept of restaurants have been introduced for the Jakartans nowadays. Many new restaurant are opening but only some becoming 'hype'. Luciole means fireflies in French and the concept of this restaurant is to give soft light beauty in the details that exaggerates the existence of its luminescent phenomenon to the ambience. From its name, we can conclude that it typically serves  French or Italian food as the main dishes. However, it also serves Japanese food and other Asian favorites such as Salmon Teriyaki, Salmon Crackers, that also become one of the favorite dishes that should be tried.

Before coming to this restaurant, I have seen many reviews about the food and other dishes that are most preferable. By looking at the reviews and feedbacks from the previous visitors, it seems that there are 3 dishes that attracted my munching-instinct.

The first one is the appetizer, Salmon Cracker as the starter.

Salmon Cracker. It looks like a fried spring-roll but with a little twist for the fillings. These crackers consist of chunks of salmons and vegetable combinations, then deep-fried for the cooking process. Yummy! I really love this extraordinary crackers and the portion is enough to share for 2-3 people.

Now, let's jump into the main course, which is Risotto and Spaghetti

Risotto. errrr... I forgot the formal name of this dish, all I could recall is it is a plate of risotto. Personally, I never recommende myself to eating risotto as my main dish as I do not really like eating rice for my meal. But this risotto is somehow a little bit overcooked and the seafood essence is quite strong and I do not like this dish at all. Not highly recommended, but for any risotto lovers, well, you might want to try. After all, taste is just a personal perception, and you might disagree with me :)

Lobster Thermidor Spaghetti. Creamy al dente spaghetti that has a light cream taste for the flavor. It is delicious and I think that the creamy level is accepted (as I do not really like creamy food that much). The dish is topped with chunks of lobsters and some crabs if I am not mistaken. Overall, the dish is quite satisfying and personally recommending to try this dish.

Luciole Bistro is a place where you can have a pretty dinner with your dates, relatives, friends, and families with a view of green scenery (in the afternoon) outside. The ambience is quite phenomena with its dim light interior that gives romantic moments that sooth your emotions for the night.
Prepare your tummy and dress casually!

Location: Luciole Bistro, Central Park, West Jakarta [Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman, Kav.28, Tribeca Park]

Telephone: +6221-2920-0333 


Website: (click the link for direct website)