Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainy Sunday with Haagen Dazs Banana crepes

I have been receiving feedbacks recently that I have 'abandoned' my blog for quite a while. I am sorry for all the postponed posts, but I will make sure that I start my blogging again pretty soon!

So, to enhance the credibility of my posts, I give you some special dessert menu during your rainy day. It is already in the middle of May, and the weather is supposed to be scorching hot with shiny blue sky.
However, rain has been pouring down these few days and make us lazy to do any our routine activities.  
To enjoy this lovely weather, I will give you a 'cold' menu to complement your lazy Sunday evening.

Haagen Dasz Ice Cream has been my favorite tea-time snack for over the decades. In its outlet, we can have a dine in here and it offers not only the ice cream, but also fondues, crepes, and waffles. I have been a vivid fan of crepes that is topped with haagen-dasz ice cream and yet I can never get bored of it. Yummy ;) 
This crepe consists of two scoops of ice creams (any of your choices) and I chose my favorite ones here, which are the vanilla and cookies&cream. Complemented with sliced bananas and almond flakes as the sprinkles and finalized with caramel sauce on top. A perfect dessert for two and best served when the outside weather is chilling to give a cool sensation. The price is quite expensive for a plate of crepes (around Rp. 65.000,- ++) however it is really worth it.

Oppsie, sorry for the narcissistic picture of me, let's have a perfect picture day ! Happy Sunday all ... 


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